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We are aware of the blessing of Indonesia as a place of sophisticated living fruit to live. Especially for cocoa commodity, Indonesia weather with lots of rainfall and enough heat made it a loving land for this plant. Therefore, Indonesia became one of the leading producers of cocoa in the world, about 13%.

Here, cocoaPedia exists to immaculately find the best production of cocoa and bring it to you. We engaged with the cocoa farmer and cocoa manufacturer to supply cocoa beans and cocoa powder across Indonesia, from West Sumatera to Bali. In the future, there will be cocoa butter, even chocolate bars. Hopefully, we could expand to make our own plantation by means of organic cultivation for helping the Indonesia cocoa farmers.

Our Product

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

To get the best of cocoa beans, we use the 8 months old of cocoa pod then scup it from the shell. The bean with pulp enclosed were fermented about a week or several days so that we could get the standard acidity. Lastly, we dried the bean under the sunlight to get the moisture that we want.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder

After the hard part were thrown, then we get the soft part that ready for grinding. Usually the fat content is about 8% to 12%.

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